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Water and Physiology PART Two
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Author Joel D. Jacobson brings you the 2nd installment in his investigatory work into Water and Physiology in the format of a course curriculum. With 25 meticulously produced videos, one learns step by step how to improve their diet through deep comprehension of the role minerals have in water management in the body.

Following Water and Physiology PART One, in which dehydration was thoroughly examined as the main culprit in many acute and chronic diseases, this sequel delves into how to maximize your performance by applying techniques and methods. This second course, PART Two, is designed to provide you a step by step comprehension of how dehydration and mineral deficiency impacts the quality of the mucous membrane, as well as a guided method for reestablishing fluid homeostasis to improve breathing and digestion processes.

MANY Hours have been placed in providing this meticulous step by step video curriculum for you to integrate knowledge into practical and applicable wisdom. Purchasing this course will enrich your life beyond measure, and support Joel D. Jacobson’s efforts to create more courses.

If you have not purchased and studied PART One yet, please start there! (Video Introduction <<< CLICK TO WATCH)