Man had not always been a SAD Man. Man had only reached this state of being by giving up his right to study and know himself. This stage of human evolution has been documented to lead a child, even an adult, to metabolic disorders. If the way of life is prolonged, chronic nerve and/or organ degenerative diseases appear to surface as indication of molecular unrest and chaos.

In this diet, one eats the Staple Foods massively produced, as if man is living in a feedlot and simply requires boxes with colorful ads to get him to consume what’s inside it.

There are a few things that distinguish this diet from other diets:

  1. Consumption of Pasteurized Food
  2. Consumption of Homogenized Food
  3. Consumption of Processed Vegetable Oils.
  4. Consumption of Primarily Cooked Food
  5. Consumption of Synthetic Supplements
  6. Consumption of Highly Acid-Forming Foods
  7. Consumption of Conventional Processed Foods
  8. Consumption of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  9. Poor Food Combining
  10. Avoidance of Saturated Fat

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This diet can be characterized, in a general sense, as a low-fat, moderate protein, high-carbohydrate diet.

All these will be explain below.

Type Characteristics

First and foremost, people on this diet are usually uneducated or cannot afford a cleaner diet because of the limited perspective they have been fostered into and maintained by their bad company and governing agent. These people fluctuate between moments of extreme joy and extreme depression, energy-rich moments and energy-poor, and are not sober enough to realize that they are in their own prison of their own making.

They will not be open for alternative medicine, and will most likely go for a surgery than drink a bitter herb for a week long. They operate from a victim consciousness perspective, and can only be reached emotionally before even considering to be led gently into reasoning over their bad eating habits. Due to the lack of emotional control, they identify with their bodily sensations in ways that keeps them in an urgent drive to fulfill their restless appetite for transient sensory happiness.

This type needs to lay down a few foundations, concept by concept, before reaching a bigger picture. Telling them what they can eat or what they cannot eat is futile. They need to observe habits and partake in them in order to improve their metabolism and integrate wisdom. They will listen to the logic behind doing something, sometimes ”getting it”, but will instinctively operate from thought-forms like “it’s hard” or “that’s impossible”, which hinders the intelligence of the heart from connecting with the life-urges that motivates the conscious observer onward.

People on this type of diet will operate completely from the ego. Their biggest fault in their personality is greed, which leads them to consume with their eyes rather than contacting the intelligence in the gut to determine what really is missing. Due to the absence of self-control, they will envy another for their toned and fit earthly physique, and will buy easily into ads and promises of an image that has to be EARNED rather than consumed. Even if One demonstrates to them the wisdom behind a healthier habit, they will fall back the next morning due to environmental triggers in their bedroom, kitchen and on their route to work, which traps them in an emotional tunnel-vision of dissatisfaction.

Their best chance of evolving their diet and lifestyle is by making friends with good company whom demonstrates good habits and empowering life-perspectives. These people must learn to adhere to the spiritual value of friendships above all types of transient sensory gratifications. Due to their fragile victim consciousness, a small mistake may be fueled into a huge imaginary scenario. They’ll identify so strongly with their illusion, that they’ll purposefully break their routine and oath. Only later, once they mustered the courage to communicate with their friend and/or life-coach, do they find out that they blew their mistake out of realistic proportions.

Even if they have woken up by your words or actions, their stuckness within that SAD diet will sedate their efforts from actually implementing their new year resolution. Good company and mentorship under skilled and unconditionally loving friends will benefit them the most. However, they do have the potential to break their death habits on their own, and take responsibility for their own success.

The SAD dieter’s eating Habits

To adequately characterize a person who eats a Standard American Diet, we need to list the common foods they go for.

Conventional Bread, Pasta, Pastries, processed starches, processed vegetable oils, processed foods, pasteurized milk and juices, non-soaked or non-sprouted nuts and seeds, hardly any fresh vegetables and fruits. Typically no awareness to the difference between Organic and conventional. No awareness to fermentation processes and their benefits.

The SAD dieter’s microbiome composition

Due to the food this type of person eats, his microbiome in his gut is compromised. The food sources he eats benefit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and the toxins in the foods are high and acidic, causing much damage to gut cells. Beneficial bacteria thrive in specific pH conditions, which are repeatedly interrupted, providing opportunistic bacteria the leverage to colonize and set up residency.

1. Consumption of Pasteurized Food

In the early 1900’s, the germ theory of disease accused bacteria for causing all our diseases. Some diseases were brought about by germs, but not all germs are bad. Louis Pasteur was a scientists who developed the process of Pasteurization, which demonstrated the option of killing all the bacteria from a potential source of contamination, such as cow’s milk. However, not all cows are treated the same, or fed the same, and those who are fed a factory feedlot meal of grains and legumes seem to produce larger populations of E. Coli and other pathogenic strains of bacteria. Cows that ate grass reveal upon examination undetectable levels of pathogens, and instead, their milk is filled with beneficial microbes, designed to populate the growing caff. RAW Milk is safe to consume, as long as it comes from a cow you can trust has received good sources of nourishment and ethical treatment (sunshine and grass-fed cattle).

Pasteurization has the following effects on food, such as milk:
– Denatures Enzymes, Vitamins, Proteins
Essentially deforming the nutrients and rendering them inorganic.
– Kills all the bacteria
Literally making the materials in the medium less available for absorption.
– High heat harms sensitive fatty acids
Polyunsaturated fatty acids are oxidized and turned into poison to tissues.

2. Consumption of Homogenized Food

Due to the natural separation of fat globules from water molecules, a liquid medium, such as milk, will show the fat content at the top and the liquid at the bottom. Since traditionally people could tell the quality of milk by the content of fat at the top, when the industry wanted to convert the entire population to drinking low-fat milk, they had to take away from the consumer the power to discern between good quality milk and bad quality milk.

For that reason Homogenization was invented, which is a process of breaking apart the fat globules by squeezing them with the liquid portion of the milk through tiny holes. When this is done, the fats and water mix uniformly, and prevents the separation and formation of a fat layer.

A Holstein cow is the black and white cow popularly marketed in the industry. Why? because it produces the most amount of milk than any other cow, but its fat content is the lowest of any cow. On the other hand, Jersey cows, who are identified by a light brown coat, do not produce as much milk as the Holsteins, but it is famous for its signature layer of orange colored fat it produces. The orange color is an indication of vitamin A content, as Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin; it literally needs fat in order to function and remain available to be metabolized.

Homogenization has the following effects on food, such as milk:
– Deforming fatty acid structure
Essentially rips apart the natural structure of the fat globules, which can harm their sensitive hydrocarbon chains.

3. Consumption of Processed Vegetable Oils

Prior to WW2, the United States of America had good economical and industrial relationships with asian countries, who would allow the U.S. to import high quality coconut oil. When ties with asian countries were severed, due to the war, the industry had an opportunity to market and supply an alternative to the dwindling stocks of vegetable oils. Since many of the oils produced from rapeseeds, corn etc. were liquid in consistency, the industry went to their chemists and soon after a process to saturate organic compounds was invented – Hydrogenation.

This process, of Hydrogenation, forcibly converts an unsaturated fatty acid into a saturated fatty acid, by converting the site of the double bond into a single hydrogen bond. In this process, hydrogens are forcibly attached to the hydrocarbon chain, making the double bond unnecessary, but instead of the fatty acid becoming a true saturated fatty acid, the result is a trans fatty acid. Chemically acts like a saturated fat, but its not. Moreover, trans fats are well known to cause neurological issues and cancer, which gives the conclusion that all hydrogenated vegetable oils are poisons to biological intelligences.

Aside from the chemical structure of hydrogenated vegetable oils, it is clear to anyone who studied the introductory course to Nutrition, that unsaturated fatty acids are sensitive to heat, light and oxygen, and thus cannot be used for cooking or baking. Only true saturated fatty acid sources, from coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter), are safe for cooking, searing meats, boiling etc. etc. Vegetable oils with a high composition of unsaturated fatty acids are healthier for biological intelligences when consumed cold, such as olive oil on a salad.

Another issue with processed vegetable oils are the destruction of sensitive polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s are very sensitive to heat, light and oxygen. They go rancid when environmental stressor are applied to them. Many of the vegetable oils have polyunsaturated fatty acids in measurable amounts, and cooking, baking and frying with these oils produces highly reactive forms of these fatty acids. When they come in contact with cells, they act like toxins, like free radicals, and can cause damage.

The SAD dieter has a high Omega 6 intake. Due to that, its relative, Omega 3, is reduced in the tissues of the body. In many cases, people suffering from omega 3 deficiency, and an imbalance in the fatty acid’s ratio, show signs of hair loss and skin problems, such as psoriasis.

These fatty acids are found in meats as well, but in smaller amounts than in flaxseeds and fish, though in a composition with other fats. A look at meat grown in a factory feedlot shows high amounts of Omega 6’s, while a cow fed grass has a better ratio of these fatty acids and a larger content of Omega 3s.

4. Consumption of Primarily Cooked Food

When biological structures are cooked, heat breaks atomic bonds causing the fibers, proteins and fats to lose their molecular integrity. Such in the case of steaming vegetables, where a highly fibrous vegetable, such as a broccoli, is softened and made easier to chew and digest. This gives Man a great advantage when wanting to consume tough to chew foods.

However, cooking can be likened to pasteurization – both apply heats and both denature enzyme structure and function. Remember, an enzyme is designed to fit like a key into a lock; if its primary structure is deformed, it cannot fulfill its role and it becomes inorganic (unusable by the body and a waste to be excreted).

Cooking meats can create Heterocyclic Amines, which exhibit carcinogenic properties to living tissues. Any food that is overcooked, that reaches a charcoal texture, is highly toxic to living tissues. Cells are stressed by these unstable and deformed molecules.
Instead, slow cooked foods, such as crockpot soups, steamed vegetables and broiled meats, breaks apart the skeletal structure of the food and pries it open for the internal contents of the plant cell or animal cell to ooze out and become available. Otherwise, chewing is the only option to prying open cellular walls to drink up their content.

5. Consumption of Synthetic Supplements

The body is designed to absorb and utilize organic compounds. Synthetic compounds are unnatural to biological intelligences, and due to that, will largely be rejected by cells. Why and how? Every cell has thousands of receptors that can tell when a signal fits in its key hole, and then it abides by the complementing match or doesn’t react at all. These cellular guidelines are necessary in order to prevent chaotic triggering of cellular response to every signal.

Synthetic nutrients that are added to fortify cereals, are derived from labs that had to spend energy in their processing methods in order to extract that vitamin from its natural source. In many cases, Manmade extractions require harsh chemicals and heavy metals in order to extract and purify the final product. Purifying it isn’t simple, and making it a completely clean product is difficult, so people consuming synthetic compounds may also be receiving an intake of toxins in the form of heavy metals.
Moreover, synthetic supplements can interfere with the balance of functioning compounds within the organism, as well as mimic other compounds and thus trigger uncoordinated mechanisms.

6. Consumption of Highly Acid-Forming Foods

This is the signature composition of the SAD diet – highly acidic food. Since the Standard American Diet is modeled according to the food pyramid published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we observe that the largest portion recommended to these dieters is grains in various processed forms and sugar.

Grains hold the potential for life to germinate. It is equipped with everything the sprout needs in order to grow its stem and root until it establishes itself in the soil and begins nourishing off its environment. Thus, a fast acting storage of energy, in the form of sugars is beneficial in the design of the seed. Even though these sugars come as complex carbohydrates upon ingesting them and digesting them, all carbs must be broken down into their smallest building unit – a single molecule of sugar – in order for that substance to cross the barrier through the gut into the circulatory system.

Moreover, all grains come with protection mechanisms, of toxins and digestive inhibitors, to ensure the survival of the pod until sprouting occurs. All toxins exhibit an acid influence on the blood. The food pyramid does not propagate the wisdom in soaking and sprouting grains prior to baking or consuming them, thus the SAD dieters expose their gut lining to these toxins and digestive inhibitors and contribute to an acid environment in the GI tract.

Aside from that, many SAD dieters place no limit to their consumption of sweets, sugary snacks and desserts. This also is a kick in the glycemic index, producing the roller coaster phenomena of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, which they experience internally. As widely known, insulin is secreted in order to deal with the toxic dosage. What sugar it can shove into the cells is metabolized into energy, making one feel overly energized, and what sugar is stopped from entering the cell is converted into a fatty acid and stored in fat cells for future needs.

The grains, their protection mechanisms, and sugar, all reduce the pH of the bloodstream. This always entails the body to direct energy and prioritize its efforts at bringing the bloodstream back to its beneficial pH range. To comprehend the significance of a healthy blood pH, read this linked article.

7. Consumption of Conventional Processed Foods

Nature is alive, and as such, every fruit, vegetable, fish and animal are also – alive. These sources of “food” for Man are extremely nourishing and beneficial in their living state, as their potency is the highest (both the enzyme content and nutrients). However, once cooked, baked or extracted from its natural composition, this food is considered “processed”.

When Man decided to acquire his sugar from the sugarcane plant, he had to develop a method of extracting the sugar from the highly fibrous plant. Man wanted to enjoy the sweet taste, but not at the expense of chewing it out of a thick roll of fiber. Therefore, Man invented a process of separating the sugar from the fiber.

Another example would be the milling of grains into a flour. As mentioned earlier, all grains have protection mechanisms, therefore, our ancestors, knowing that, would sprout the grain before baking bread with it, or fermented the grains using a process of preparing a sourdough. In both cases, our ancestors applied wise processing methods to reduce the toxicity naturally equipped in the grain.

However, processed foods in the conventional method overlooks the wisdom of sprouting or fermenting, and instead mill the grain into a flour and bake the same day without additional processing. The simple mentality of placing ingredients together in the effort of producing food, while neglecting the biological implications of high sugar and toxin exposure, has produced a final product that is debilitating to the GI tract and poisons the bloodstream.

The traditional method our ancestors used, both sprouting and fermenting, requires Man to pre-meditate on each meal in advance. Because of our refrigeration technology and the mass production by industry, Man doesn’t need to think ahead for his survival, but instead worry only up to a day in advance to secure his survival needs. Thus, the SAD dieter as poor organization skills and poor planning skills.

8. Consumption of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Like the synthetic supplements Man injects into his food in order to survive the nutrient-void food he eats, Man also has a symptom oriented mentality, whereby he isn’t bright enough to recognize the cause of his physiological condition. Instead, he blames his condition on signs and markings and pursues medical aid that treats the symptoms rather than the root cause.

A SAD dieter is in a state of victim consciousness, and so he blames the things he can see or feel within his body for the degenerating condition he is in. He will choose to go to a conventional doctor and place his entire trust in a diagnosis, and then spend his energy and money at following the doctor’s medical advice. In many cases, as doctors are indoctrinated into a classical mechanical mentality, they will look at the patient as a machine with parts to replace or parts to fix.

Due to the SAD dieters reduced energy and immunity, he is at the mercy of people who demonstrate knowledge in health and authority. Their suffering has risen to such a height, that they would go through a surgery or consume drugs to alleviate their misery. Being that vulnerable, the SAD dieter will not think twice before swallowing a pharmaceutical drug. In many cases, the placebo effect kicks in and the patient feels temporary relief, as his mental and emotional stress is calmed down. But as soon as his environmental stressor returns, he will fall back into his internal turmoil and seek relief in the same manner he has done before. In that sense, the SAD dieter has no awareness of a repeating pattern to his suffering, and thus he keeps on blindly swallowing pills and undergoing surgeries.

Pharmaceutical drugs are toxic and dehydrating. Man-made medicine in a lab has no resemblance to the medicine produced by ancient scriptures and philosophies. Man removes himself from nature, and thus he creates new medicine to mimic medicine from nature. Many of his drugs are poisonous and have ill side-effects.

Such drugs are designed to cause a malfunction in a specific site within the body. For instance, statin drugs; these class of drugs prevent from the cell to create cholesterol. One of the assembly line machinery within the cell’s power plant requires cholesterol in order to be created. Sequestering of cholesterol synthesis logically leads to reduced levels of Coenzyme Q10, that same assembly line machinery made from cholesterol.

9. Poor Food Combining

A large loss in traditional wisdom had been done by the fast food industry, that promotes foods and meals that have bad food combining. Such as in the case of a beefburger with a bread bun.

Bread, as we know by now, is loaded with processed starches – carbohydrates – that are broken down into simple sugar molecules in the gut. Only in their single free form can the body transport them across the gut-blood barrier. Moreover, sugars spike the glycemic index inside the bloodstream, signaling the brain to request insulin to be secreted by the pancreas.

Insulin is produced in order to combat the high and toxic dosage of sugar seeping into the blood. But it’s not limited to that function alone; insulin has many more functions, including shutting down the mechanism in the Liver involved in transmuting certain amino acids into glucose – a sugar. You heard that right, the Liver takes the constituents of proteins – amino acids – and converts them into glucose for energy. That means that you don’t have to get your energy from sugar intake, and that protein is another good source of energy for the body.

In fact, high doses of sugar in the blood causes the infamous roller coaster hyper- and hypo-glycemia. On the other hand, amino acid conversion into sugar allows the trickling of sugar into the blood in manageable quantities, to such a degree that the glycemic index is a steady line rather than ups and downs. Insulin doesn’t need to be secreted while sugar levels in the blood are steady and non-toxic, and a steady and regulated addition of sugar to the bloodstream is only done by converting amino acids into glucose.

Now, the aspect of bad food combining only becomes apparent when you recognize that protein that sits in the gut ends up putrefying, or in other words, decaying. This process of putrefaction happens to produce lots of toxins that can burden the colon and lead to toxemia.

Due to the established fact that starch takes precedence in digestion over protein, it makes sense that protein is largely pushed aside in order for the body to deal with the starch. Unfortunately, the consequence is protein putrefaction. This is not to say that none of the protein is digested. Some of it would, but the starch would take priority. Therefore, best to avoid combining the two in meals – particularly high protein with lots of carbs.

One way to slow down starches from seeping into the bloodstream too quickly is by combining them with fats or oils. This reduces the toxic impact of the sugar, stretches out the duration of absorption, and gives the body enough time to deal with a level of sugar that won’t send you into a hyper- and hypoglycemic event. This is largely because food particles compete for digestion and then for absorption, and if you mingle fatty acids among the starches, the digestive enzymes would deal with both intermittently. Therefore, combining carbs and oils seem to be a safe food combining practice.

10. Avoidance of Saturated Fat

This is a big issue with the SAD dieter. They believe that saturated fat causes heart disease due to the propaganda the pharmaceutical industry has launched and promoted in the 1950s and is still surviving today. But not for long.

Saturated Fat was demonized because of the hypothesis claiming that cholesterol causes heart disease and the Phenomenon of Atherosclerosis. Since cholesterol is synthesized in the body from Saturated Fat, it was Saturated Fat that was demonized. Thus, in the 90’s and early 21st century many processed foods were labeled “low-cholesterol” or “heart healthy” in support of what initially was only a hypothesis (and not fact).

Unfortunately, this propaganda was only successful in spreading to the mass public due to the profit the pharmaceutical industry could make from sick people. See, cholesterol is not the problem, it is just found in the scene of the crime. Sure it is oxidized, and it, with other compounds, make the plaque that eventually clogs the artery, but the real question is “why is cholesterol produced in such high amounts”, “what oxidizes cholesterol”, and, “what reverses this phenomena in order to prevent heart disease”?

Why is Cholesterol Produced in such high amounts?

Cholesterol is found to make up a portion of the cell membrane during specific environmental conditions. All cells have membranes, so trillions of cells body-wide produce and maintain a stock of cholesterol. Moreover, cholesterol is used in the structure of hormones and specialized enzymes. Cholesterol gives the cell its elasticity. Clearly, the body produces it for beneficial purposes.

However, when the body sustains injury or when it’s dehydrated, the cells react to the change in the environment, and deploy mechanisms to regain health or deploy drought management mechanisms, respectively. When a cell is injured, it would produce cholesterol in order to patch the walls, along with other materials to rebuild the structure. And when a cell is dehydrated, it produces cholesterol in order to seal off the cell membrane from the inside, in order to prevent the natural diffusion of water outwards.

In the SAD dieter’s meals, many toxins are introduced into the body, and those toxins can harm biological structures. That would propel the cell to produce its antioxidants in order to deal with the toxins, but at the same time produce cholesterol in order to heal and seal the wound. Moreover, all toxins are dehydrating agents. A SAD dieter hardly ever washes down his meal with pure water, unless he takes pill medication.

Unfortunately, when the whole body is inflamed, particularly in SAD dieters, cholesterol levels are high because of the large scale manufacture and distribution of cholesterol by the Liver into the circulatory system. See, when the whole body is suffering, due to toxicity or injury, the brain signals the Liver to create cholesterol from Saturated Fatty Acids, and to ship the cholesterol to the injured cells. It achieves that using the River of Life – the circulatory system, bloodstream.

In order for cholesterol, a fatty and hydrophobic substance, to travel the waterways of the circulatory system, it needs to be carried by a water-soluble protein. A Lipo-protein (lipo as in lipid, meaning fat, attached to a protein), is the main carrier of cholesterol and other fatty acids within the waterways of the bloodstream. When the Liver sends cholesterol out into the bloodstream, it uses a transport called LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein. This LDL carries on within itself cholesterol, and makes the transportation to the injured site possible.

What Oxidizes Cholesterol?

Alas! The tragedy in its early conviction in being “bad” is only because LDL had been found at the scene of the crime. The truth behind this erroneous judgement is that cholesterol is found oxidized, but what can oxidize it unless it had been immersed in a toxic, highly reactive, acid environment? That is exactly the case! The SAD dieter’s meals consist of many products that are acid forming. Once they hit the bloodstream, their high dosage lowers the pH drastically.

Therefore, one can conclude that the environment, which developed into a acid type, damages arterial integrity and compromises living and functioning transporters of building blocks and nutrients. This includes LDL, which is denatured, and the cholesterol is oxidized along with it.

The LDL, and it’s bonded cholesterol, sink to the bottom of the arterial wall and make a deposit there. The garbage disposal unit of the body, the white blood cell, reaches the oxidized LDL, turns into a macrophage, and gubbles the waste. Now it’s HDL’s turn. This High Density Lipoprotein’s (HDL) main role in this scene is to connect to the macrophage, receive a portion of the digested wastes, and carry that load all the way back to the Liver, where the oxidized cholesterol and denatured LDL are recycled.

Another erroneous conception by western science, created by the pharmaceutical giants and propagated by mainstream media, is the assignment of manipulative and unjust labels to these two carriers of cholesterol. Because LDL carries cholesterol and is found with cholesterol at the scene of the crime, LDL was labeled “Bad cholesterol”, while HDL, the one responsible for removing cholesterol from the arteries, had been labeled “Good cholesterol”.

Although these labels were given in order to inform and educate the layman and laywoman without getting too technical, these labels are misleading and promote ignorance to the underlying truth; these lipoproteins are neither bad nor good, they are simply alive and reactive to changes in the environment – like you. Their tasks are simple; one ships cholesterol from the Liver, and the other ships cholesterol back to the Liver. Those are functions of molecular machines designed to fulfill a role, not to cause injury and eventual death.

It is sufficient to conclude that the SAD dieter is caught in a loop; he eats to live and he eats to die. The “modernized” world, not only made highly acidic foods easily and cheaply available, but also indoctrinated man, woman and child into a belief system that’s sole purpose is to maintain loyal customers.

What reverses this phenomena in order to prevent heart disease?

Fortunately, mankind is a descendant of a higher intelligence, of which awakens when pain is sufficient and suffering has left its mark. In time, all children return to the garden to live again.

As he emerges from the intoxication of the sugary foods he so depends on, he connects the dots and recognizes that his current situation is due to a repeated self-destructive habit. He may become enraged at his life condition, which will propel him to change his diet for the better, or he may become depressed, which is understandable, as the way back to health seems far and uncomfortable.

Either way, a person who emerges asking for help and guidance is taking the first step in reclaiming his power, and he desperately needs friends and coaches to support his rehabilitation.

The first thing that reverses this slow and debilitating phenomena is complete avoidance of sugar and processed foods. All the things that he typically eats are to be avoided, and instead, cleaner and nutrient-dense foods must be consumed, along with a serious hydration therapy.

This shift in food quality produces a new and repeated beneficial environment for cells and the bloodstream. However, the repercussions appear instantaneously, which can reduce his spirits and send him back to his old habits. Those include accelerated detoxification and emergence of illnesses due to the heavy poisoning of the body by the enormous circulation of toxins. But if he continues to hydrate and exercise religiously, he will flush the toxins out and avoid the physiological stresses that impinge on the conscious mind the sensation of depression and of lack.

Fortunately, there are several ways to support the body in its heavy detoxification period, which will be discussed in the section on Cleansing and Detoxification.

This concludes the list of characteristics observable in a person living under a Standard American Diet.