Over my 4 Years of Private Investigations into Nutrition, including studying anatomy and physiology, I have acquired considerable knowledge in this field, and I was able to integrate this knowledge into wisdom.

The following List presents what you could gain from my counseling services.

Nutrition Counselor

  • Knowledge in Proper Hydration Practices
  • Knowledge of Food Combining Wisdom
  • Knowledge of Ancestral Eating Practices
  • Knowledge of Allergy Alleviation
  • Knowledge of Atherosclerosis Prevention and Reversal
  • Knowledge of Bone Mineralization / Tooth Decay Arrest
  • Knowledge of Detoxification Mechanisms and Accommodation
  • Knowledge of Rashes, Acne, Bruising and  their Root Cause
  • Knowledge of Toxemia, Constipation and their Relief
  • Knowledge of What Gluten is and its impact on Physiology
  • Knowledge of Inflammation and its system-wide effect
  • Knowledge of Microbiome (Probiotics) and Healing the Gut
  • Knowledge of Mental Fatigue and Fogginess Relief
  • Knowledge of Proper Food Preparation (Cooking Wisdom)
  • Knowledge of Increasing Optimal Physical Performance

NOTE: The list goes on, and many of the “Knowledge” I have comes from 1st hand experience.