Greetings! And welcome to my virtual Office.

Pick a field of service you wish to learn more about.

Psychology Counselor

Gain empowering insights and tools to wield your psyche for growth purposes, while uprooting and properly transforming traumatic energy stagnant in your body/mind/spirit complex.

Nutrition Counselor

Gain Nutritional Wisdom through comprehending your aquatic physiology and its relationship with substance. Learn how to improve your body to improve your life-condition.

Spiritual Counselor

Gain Spiritual insight and Wisdom from a perspective of a person who has been exercising his mind’s ability to Astral Travel, and acquire spiritual experiences to better oneself.

Local services

Gain hands on tools to improve the way you Connect with the Universe through workshops and retreats, whereupon you’ll be able to learn the steps necessary to evolve your soul.

As you will soon see, I have acquired a large range of services I can provide.

Some of these are available to you through the articles I published, which makes it free for you to learn and apply, while other aspects of my knowledge are available via my Nutrition Self Mastery courses at your convenience or a per/hour skype session. Although my articles reveal compelling wisdom, they, at best, only scratch the surface of what can be disclosed in a user-friendly platform.

Skype sessions with Joel provide  you a gradual build-up of concepts that lay the foundation for integrating advance knowledge in one or several of the fields listed in this section of the website. Laying down a foundation is necessary in order to move into the really empowering wisdom, otherwise one can be stuck with the basics and hardly comprehend the advance.side-bar-contact-me-link(14)