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This website is dedicated to you, my brothers and sisters. Several years ago I launched myself into investigating nutrition out of frustration for how the current system operates. Solutions and education wasn’t free and available, so I decided I must discover it for myself and now unleash it for humanity to evolve.

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Within the molecular world, positive charged molecules can passionately bind to negatively charged molecules. When such an event occurs, in many cases the negatively charged structural component, or assembly-line unit, is electrically "injured", and their role and task is disrupted. Discover more
Read the book review! Weston A. Price, a prominent dentist in the 1930s, had set out to discover and uncover the reason for the growing incidence of tooth decay, dental arch deformities, and generally why the incidence of degenerative diseases increased following the industrial revolution. What he found, defined the basis of nutritional understanding pertaining to the widespread phenomenon of degeneration escalating at the time, and is still a significant literary piece in alternative circles. Discover more
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Author of Nutrisdom.net Joel Jacobson is a Self Mastery Practitioner who acquired wisdom and experience on the nature of reality through Astral Projections, as well as his practice and video documentation of the existence of The Universal Connection and the Side-Effects it produces. He has been self mastering himself in the art of Nutrition for the last 4 years, and now offers cutting edge introductory courses in Comprehending Physiology and Universal Phenomena. Your evolution is his priority.

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What are the conditions necessary in order to cause osteoporosis? If the body operates optimally under specific conditions, what might cause the body to degenerate? Substance can exert specific influences on the fluid quality of our body. Can a particular substance lead to the displacement of calcium out of the bone? What does the body require in order to remineralize our bones? Discover more

Conflicting information appear on mainstream media and social networks regarding Gluten and whether it affects us adversely. This is unsettling for people who are suffering acute and chronic conditions following a high gluten diet. In the desire to figure out what may be the underlying cause for the debilitating sensations that cripple many of us, a new perspective may offer a self-realization and a strategy for improving our capacity to handle gluten. Let's truly understand gluten, how the body handles it, so we can make the right choices and improve our post-meal experiences.

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Following the discovery of the Zen of Life, we now delve deeper to examine what happens to us when we enter theta brainwaves. Slowing down our brainwaves from busy-beta to alpha begins to loosen up the stressors in our body. But anchoring ourselves in the theta-field not only provides nourishment, but miraculous side-effects. Discover more
Our body has the capacity to transform materials into energy in a process called fermentation. Let's take a deep view as to the difference between the process of fermentation as it occurs inside out body, and then examine why our ancestors traditionally fermented foods before consuming them. Discover more
What is the extent of human potential? This article presents an alternative form of nourishment for our physical bodies, as well as for our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, that is far out of conventional accepted views, yet it has much science to back it up. One must approach this article with an open mind to examine the potential wisdom within it. Discover more

Tune in to a presentation taking you step-by-step, concept-by-concept, building up and connecting some interesting dots between the appearance of bacterial organisms inside our cells, who enjoy a symbiotic relationship within it, as well as how certain types of oils affect the performance of these microbes within our cells. This piece includes a video of a presentation I had done.… Discover more

Symbiotic relationships are prevalent in nature. Can there be an underlying reason for nature to support these relationships? Could our hunger for connection, cooperation, as well as participation, determine our evolution alongside our environment? Perhaps we have much to learn from nature. Discover more

Scientific literature describes with great detail an involvement of B12, B9 and Vitamin D deficiencies, as well as, an impact of sugar consumption on our body’s healing mechanism. All these deficiencies are prevalent on a diet consisting of processed foods, empty carbs and dry and dehydrating substances.

B12, B9 and vitamin D are found in adequate amounts in a diet consisting of whole foods, such as grains eaten the day they were milled and animal muscle and organ meat which was raised on a pasture.… Discover more

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