What degenerates you?

Do you have tantrums?

Do you have a foggy mind?

Do you ever have criminal urges?

Is it difficult for you to remember things?

What did you eat this morning?

Have you suffered in the past from tooth decay?

Are you still suffering from tooth decay?

According to a 511 page book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, our bodies are physically unfit for primitive lifestyles under the modernized foods of commerce. Many processed foods are devoid of crucial body-building and body-maintaining materials because of the detrimental effect such processing has on them. More so, the consumption of processed foods had developed a large scale epidemic of degenerative diseases at the onset of the 20th century. One man took it upon himself to investigate and uncover the truth underlying this growing and worrisome phenomenon. He found out that these degenerative diseases appear worldwide and that there is a very significant pattern and a common culprit to them.

The author of the book Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist, was concerned for the increasing incidence in tooth decay and dental arch deformities in the United States of America. His concern took him so far as to investigate different cultures around the world through common scientific methods. For that task he needed a control group; which had been reported having a very high immunity to tooth decay and no record of physical degeneration within their racial stock.

Dr. Price spent the 1930s traveling to 14 different cultures on 5 different continents. Dr. Price had examined the teeth of hundreds of primitive tribal men, women, and children who subsisted on their primitive diets. These diets were typically fresh, local, and seasonal food that the unique climate, geographical location, and land conditions could permit. Then Dr. Price visited and documented extensively the physical degeneration of many primitive groups who had begun the process of modernization, as well as groups within that same racial stock who had been converted entirely on subsisting on modern food. In many cases, these modernized men and women gave birth to children who had shown marked physical deformities in facial development, teeth, and body shape.

The aspect of diet, what to eat or what not to eat, was largely discussed in this book. However, instead of focusing on the nature of the modernized foods, it was clearly demonstrated what factors within the primitive groups had greatly maintained their excellent physiques, even to very late ages.

It is repeatedly demonstrated through photographs of smiling teeth and x-ray shots the excellent condition of the primitive racial stocks compared to the modernized groups. The Swiss in the Alps, the Gaelics in the Hebrides, the Aborigines in Australia, the Masai warrior tribe in Africa, the Eskimos in Canada, and the Indians in Peru are a handful of the cultures that had been investigated and reported in the book.

In each case, as if we can finally recognize nature’s pattern, we see that the primitive groups had nearly 100% immunity to all physical degenerations and a very low incidence of tooth decay.

On the other hand, wherever roads, railways, or ports allowed access to imported goods from the modernized world, we see that the people exchanging their nutritionally wealthy foods for the white man‘s white bread, sugar, jams, and canned foods suffer greatly from the impact of the mineral and vitamin deficient food. It appears that the white man developed a mentality of providing only energy-and-heat generating food for its civilization, while the primitive races had maintained a close relationship with the body-building and body-repairing minerals and vitamins.

Civilizations tend to fall as a consequence of physical degeneration. It is the soil that gives out first, as soon as farm land becomes exhausted from mineral depletion. But why would that happen? It can only happen in a system which supports exporting the minerals from the land without replenishing it properly. Only in a system that is able to return the minerals back to the land would be able to nourish the plants; a system which the primitives were well aware of and ingrained within their way of life.

All animals, including man, inherits the pattern and composition of minerals that was available for the plant. If the land has degenerated man will too. Such has been observed in large populations prior to World War 2, and such can be observed by photographs documented by Dr. Price of entire herds of cows that degenerated due to mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Due to a growing concern in the increasing sterility in modernized populations and increased incidence of birth defects and loss of child at birth, the urge to investigate the reasons for this phenomenon had propelled many scientists to search for the factors involved in the malfunction in nature’ design. The book elucidates many of the factors that had inflicted primitive groups undergoing the process of modernization. The consequences are not limited to physical degeneration alone, but also include impaired brain development, which has been associated with the rising incidence in criminal behaviors as well as learning disabilities.

Could food and the state of the soil it had come from have an impact on physical development and performance?

Has this crucial knowledge and wisdom presented in the book’s message propel society to incorporate nutritional guidelines?

How important is it for the parents to plan ahead the bearing of a child into the world?

And how did primitive groups succeed in developing a next generation that carried perfect physical, mental, behavioral and spiritual capacities?

There are many questions answered within the book. We have much to thank Dr. Price for his contribution to humanity by providing us with a comprehensive look into the effects of modernized processed foods. It is unfortunate that many people misinterpret his main messages, let alone ignore the stark evidence of physical degeneration due to poor quality of food.

Are you hungry for change?

I recommend you to read and own a copy of this truth-telling investigation, whose wisdom is still very relevant today. Purchase Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price – on Amazon

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