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The discovery of the existence of Breatharians – people who do not eat nor drink – has recently attained considerable attention from prominent scientists and documentary filmmakers, that this actual lifestyle can be explained in scientific terms. Bringing this science to you is the first step. The second step is for you to read and investigate the material presented in these articles, in order to authenticate the extent of human potential. Truth is only experienced 1st hand, which is why I spent my personal time experimenting and practicing this once-before unheard of diet.

Take it as you wish, and make your own conclusions. After all, your personal journey of making sense of this world is yours to take. It is your spiritual path, and it can take as much time as you feel comfortable. Explore at your own pace.


This article is a sequel to the article – Accessing Nourishment through Altered States of Consciousness – Part 1. This article presents an argument, based upon scientific knowledge and experience, on the side-effects which manifest as one progresses from an Alpha brainwave to a Theta brainwave.

Where does the feeling of deep nourishment come from? We do not experience deep nourishment from every single meal we have, nor from every single conversation we partake in on our daily journey from sunrise to sunset. How come are we never truly satisfied from a single meal for the entire rest of the day?

There are reasons for every experience, as there is a cause to every effect, as well as an effect to every cause.

Accessing Alpha brain waves seem to tickle the satiety within our spirit. Our seemingly incessant drive for possession, accumulation and consumption leads to only one outcome: signals for the industry to produce more in order to curb that satiety. It is when we begin questioning the repercussions of our actions and promising ourselves that we will adhere to this new behavior, which will support ourselves and our environment, that we feel nourished deeply.

You can infer from that, that the more I think about others and do for the planet and mankind, the more I feel fulfilled. Therefore, would spiritual fulfillment equal physiological nourishment? Let’s explore that more.

What we discussed in Part 1busy-beta-man

Based upon the science presented in PART 1 of this series, our brain is a generator of electromagnetic waves in a rhythmic oscillation reflective of the mode we are operating in. If we are running on a fast pace lifestyle, where we work for a living, concerned for paying our bills, juggling more than one project at a time and caught in domestic partnership conflicts, we are certainly oscillating in the wavelength of the Beta field – where everything is chaotic and we may experience fear and anxiety daily.

alpha-zen-of-lifeWhen we slow down, soak in the scene, engage with our five senses and appreciate the fresh air, our brainwaves slow down to a rate that is reflective of the mode we are operating in. The Alpha field is described as the mode in which one discovers the Zen of Life – where the present moment is pleasant and soothing in its gorgeous colors and shapes, that thought is easily present rather than scattered to and fro.

How can thought be scattered to and fro?

In the online Self Mastery University, Evolved Ministry, I had the opportunity to deeply study the ego. Apparently, we all got one, and the more we understand how it may operate against us,  the better we are then able to develop strategies to enforce our benevolent will that naturally exists within us.

EM-logo-regularAccording to my studies, the Ego is an engine that operates as soon as you take a back seat in the progression of your life. The ego is an engine in a sense that it executes commands and instructions in a sort of loop. You, the real you, who is the genuine self, is consciously, though maybe ignorantly programming the ego, word by word, and the ego simply loops your thought preferences and tendencies throughout the tangible day.

There are tons of mind-washing channels one can tune into; such as the opinion of the news, as well as music and ads, that say something you may find funny or tragic, and it will cause you to form your own opinion and belief. This is not limited to those channels, but can include religious dogmas and peer pressure in a social gathering, as well as your faithful loyalty to the merit behind your teacher or parent’ words.

Your resonance with that message is your agreement with it, and your enforcement of that message through sharing it with others, such as the sharing of a conspiracy theory (that you may not be involved in first hand), invites and allows the ego to take your thoughts as preferences and to implement them as new behaviors, such that it becomes a habit over a time.

Habits and behaviors are fruits of seeds that had never been rejected by the conscious driver. The ultimate purpose of the seeds, which are your thoughts, is to experience their nature to their fullest potential, as long as you allow them to run their course. instance, if you resonate with the thought “Breath is nourishing” and form an opinion that this is possible, even though you have never sustained yourself on breath alone, that thought will dictate future decisions and urges, since your ego will refresh it in your mind whenever you come across a crossroad and in need to make up your mind on where to go.

No one stands more in your way to accomplishment than your own ego. Spending time understanding the ego benefits anyone who wishes to self develop and reach higher levels of focus.

In the case of meditation and brainwave oscillation, a person who has no understanding of how the ego operates and desires results from the effort they are placing in doing a technique, may end up scratching only the surface of what a meditation can provide. That person may well be frustrated and impatient, all interferences by the ego, and declare meditation as a waste of time. On the other hand, one who properly studies and applies techniques that calm the mind and prepare it for meditation, will naturally transition into a theta field and experience its benefits.

That said, when dealing with Theta brainwaves, one slips out of ordinary reality, to a resonance state of oscillation, that expresses itself as a conscious synchronicity between your desires and the quick cooperation of your surroundings.

De-evolved Man experiences theta brain waves typically only in sleep, while Shamans, Yogis or any practitioner, who is masterful enough to willingly enter and exit such states, experiences it on demand, through techniques that slow the rate of thought passing through the body. Maybe that is why De-evolved Man cannot recall his dreams, as the rate of thought he operates at is too chaotic, while masterful practitioners can willfully decrease the rate of thought in order to be present enough to experience and remember the astral-dream-state and the enormous data from a single frame.

Theta brainwave Oscillation

Theta brainwaves oscillate at between 4-7hz [1]. A person, who doesn’t access theta brainwaves consciously, while awake, will experience himself blacking out and falling asleep when his brain is tuned to that wavelength by an external stimuli. It may still be unclear as to why one, who doesn’t bath wakefully in theta brainwaves, loses his consciousness when undergoing an energy healing session or listening to a theta brainwave track for the first time. Though, maybe this article will guide you to develop your opinion on that matter.

I have observed that when I begin oscillating at a theta brainwave, which can be felt once one trains to recognize the state, my touch or interaction with another person’s body or auric field, can produce a resonance between my body and the client’s body. This can be called harmonization between two people – or entrainment.

What is an Entrainment?

The process and result of a Brainwave Entrainment is best described in the story of the origin of the word Entrainment.

grandfather-clocksIn the 1700’s, a clock builder had noticed a strange phenomenon. The pendulums of all his grandfather clocks were swinging in complete synchronization. If he would disturb them all, a few hours later he observed the clocks return to the same state of synchronization.

But what dictated the rhythm and whom did all the clocks follow?

This phenomena was elucidated decades later. All the smaller clocks were syncing with the largest clock. This universal phenomena is also produced in biology. All the cells beat in sync with the largest oscillator in the body – the heart.

Would you deduce, that the out-of-sync state, which many beta field oscillators experience, can produce mental and psychological disorders?

connection-between-mindsOne must be a blueprint and example of health in order to facilitate health in another. As a facilitator of a theta brainwave, and the receptibility of the client, who is waiting motionlessly for my work to be done, I am granted access to tune the person’s body-wide oscillation and match it with my own. Simply, I entrain them.

Due to beta oscillators fast rate of thought, when the oscillation is changed without the person’s conscious participation, as well as the person’s lower capabilities of functioning in slower thought rates, the individual fades uncontrollably into a deep trance, where a portion of their presence is diminished from the body in order for the body to rest from the stress of the mind and be refreshed and nourished.

We all recognize the impact of sleep on the state of our mental well-being and our physiology. However, the assumption, that we hook into the theta field only through sleep and an unconscious state in order to receive that nourishment, is dogmatized and indoctrinated into uneducated man and woman in modern society, and it is perpetuated in the world-view of a person who hasn’t discovered and established the benefits from meditation and stilling the mind.

In her book, Divine Nutrition, Jasmuheen had to say this about the Theta field:

“The Theta field brings co-incidences that no longer seem to be random and time spent here attracts events filled with symbolism and deep, meaningful possibilities for it is a field of infinitely creative potential, a field of Grace, true nourishment and love. This is the field through which all Holiness and true messengers come. This is the zone from which all the Holy books were born.” [Page 34]

kid-meditatingThe beginner, who spends time in meditation, may experience peak moments in theta brainwave dominance within specific cortical structures within the brain. These glimpses and spontaneous activations are short lived and easily broken, due to lack of practice, experience and discipline.

Such discipline is found within a community of Self Mastery Practitioners. Such as practitioners trained in an ashram, under the guidance of a guru (one who dispels darkness), or even a modern online environment provided by a Self Mastery school such as Evolved Ministry, led by knowledgeable and skillful practitioners.

The Side-effects of anchoring into the Theta Brainwave is discussed in Jasmuheen’s book. Furthermore, I discuss it more in my article – Psychokinesis is a Side-Effect.

Theta Brainwave Nourishment

From personal experience, whenever I would lay down and listen to a theta brainwave track, after half an hour I would awake from what seems like the best nap ever. Many of the deepest cells in my body would buzz in joy and a sense of serenity accompany me throughout the rest of my day.

entrainment_brainwavesI listened to the theta brainwave tracks repeatedly, and when I would experiment without them, I found myself capable of entering a theta brainwave on my own, and also recognize the sensation of the specific oscillation in my head. Additionally, I would be able to maintain a wakeful presence, rather than slip into unconsciousness.

The picture to the right is an EEG graph of the brain in a normal waking state and the brain after listening to a brain entrainment.[2] It took 15 minutes for the external stimuli, the theta track, to guide the agitated and anxious individual into a calm and relaxed state of being.

My Personal Experience

When it comes to physical nourishment from meditation and trance states, I can only cite my personal experiences and maybe even mention testimonials from friends.

As a Self Mastery practitioner in the university I had mentioned a few times in this article, I self initiate training days, where I go outside to nature with a windmill and use techniques in my possession to clear the mind from the distractions of the ego and connect into the universal mainframe. The results of two different training days are evinced by the following video demonstrations:

In both instances, I didn’t have a feeling of hunger. The only substance I ingested was water, which by itself can greatly aid in my hydration and the cleansing of the bloodstream from poisons. Dehydration can stress the brain and the function of organs, leading to drought management mechanisms that block nourishment to local areas. One can learn more about this subject in the book – Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by Dr. Batmanghelidj

It is crucial to never mistake thirst for hunger.

Brief Testimonials from others

Friends of mine, who are body workers, energy healers and massage therapists, seem to be adjusted to a small intake of food per day. When I shared with them this perspective of nourishment, they seem to relate to it easily. The conclusion from talking to them, was that whenever we are in-tune deeply with an energetic and spiritual service to another, our spirit nourishes off that state of being.

Though, what is that state of being?

In her book, Divine Nutrition, Jasmuheen shares one of the sources of nourishment we are all familiar with, on one level or another:

unconditional-love-between-animalsThe Food of Love: This food nourishes our emotional body and often comes from contact with a one-on-one loving and tactile relationship – usually with a ‘mate’ or lover. Research has proven that babies who are fed and also cuddled a lot gain weight quicker than babies who are fed the same food but cuddled and held less.

A more non-conventional source of the food of Love is unconditional love. I call it non-conventional as the ability to love unconditionally in one-on-one human relationships is rare yet unconditional love provides the most nourishing food of all. Most people find it easier to love their pets or friends unconditionally than their family or life-partner. Lack of unconditional love means that our unfulfilled expectations and judgments can create dis-ease and block the Divine Nutrition flow. [page 41]

This state of being, which apparently slows down our brainwaves to a theta brainwave, can be accessed via unconditional love. In such a state, we are connected to our environment in a more harmonious way; coincidences no longer seem to be random and events take on a deeper spiritual meaning than they had before.

Final words…

When one ascends to a high spiritual experience, one returns with gifts. There is always the descent back to earth, since there is where the earthly body awaits consciousness to animate it. The translation of your experiences into wisdom are your gifts, and with them you can brighten another person or animal’s day.

The subject on the truth of nourishment was further challenged by Hilton Hotema’s book – Man’s Higher Consciousness – which poses this question:

“How does the body truly sustain itself? If atoms don’t eat, molecules don’t eat and cells don’t eat. Why does man insist on eating?”

The answer to that lays within the realm of stimulus and response. I suppose, if you were to seek your stimuli from an external source, you will mistaken it for your source of nourishment, until such a time that you discover the Zen of Life and adopt a diet of unconditional love.

Cleansing the body, and its consequent effect on the mind, cannot be overlooked. The road to breatharianism, which is considered the Evolved state of Man, has to be taken in steps. One must transition gradually from one type of diet to a cleaner one, since the withdrawal symptoms may be unpleasant.

Learning about the body and its capacities is part of the path of evolution through Self Mastery. I now offer a course at Evolved Ministry Online University – Nutrition Self Mastery.

Your sources of nourishment are limitless, as they provide only the stimulus. It may be the space that exists between the stimuli and your response that you find the power to choose, and in that choice you have your freedom.

Deepest Blessings and Eternal Love!

Joel D. Jacobson




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When it comes to learning about brains, and in particular brain waves, people often tend to lose interest in the information regarding the subject. Good thing this isn’t going to be an article about our brain, but fortunately for you it will give you tremendous comprehension on the metaphysical nourishment obtained from accessing altered states of consciousness.

If you have consumed cannabis you have certainly experienced,  while under the influence, an altered state of consciousness . If you had tried the amazonian brew Ayahuasca or the psychedelic mushroom psilocybin, then you had taken further exploration into your basic and natural capacity of accessing and experiencing altered states of consciousness.

People have been using these organic and spirit-filled plants for thousands of years to naturally induce a change in perception. Its ingestion produces a breakdown of mental and emotional barriers, whereby it provides   conditions for one to strengthen their innate spiritual connectedness to all. It appears that many people turn towards psychedelic experiences, brought upon by such unique substances, as a method of obtaining a glimpse at spiritual phenomena that is otherwise difficult to earn on their own. Through it much wisdom can be gained that may help one learn how to be a better person and treat others kindly. Unfortunately, these plants only give you snippets of what you are capable of reproducing on your own, and so they only serve as a tool. 

The underlying effect these plants induce is a tuning of your sense of spacial perception by slowing down the vibrations of your brain waves. Like attracts like, and so, if you are in a beta brain wave you will experience the equivalent lifestyle. The moment you improve your lifestyle, your brain wave pattern changes.

Found in Jasmuheen’s book “Divine Nutrition: The Food of Gods” is an illuminating description of divine nourishment by learning what the different brain waves are, and what techniques can aid in adjusting yourself to nourish off of a Theta – Delta lifestyle. She is a Breatharian, which means she has given up consumption of material food and liquid. Instead, she lives solely on nourishment produced by love and light that are accessible through the Theta – Delta wave lifestyle. I highly recommend owning a copy, in case you become hungry for more information after reading this article.

The Different Brain Waves

Society, what a busy model it represents in the 21st century. Fortunately, describing the Beta brain wave is easy as plenty of us have or even still experience it. This is a brain wave pattern of 30 to 14 cycles per second and those who operate in its zone experience poverty, violence, social injustice, emotional highs and emotional lows, and is generally a field of man-made, self inflicted chaos.

This brain wave pattern – Beta field – is promoted by TV, social networking like Facebook, institutionalized schools and government policies. It is where victim consciousness thrives, traumas are created and stored without proper healing and release, and our basic struggle for survival suffocates our passion for life.

The Alpha brain wave, is a field that beats at 13 to 8 cycles per second. The Alpha field reveals the Zen of Life, allowing us down time, to chill out and re-set the direction of our life, to assess the imbalances and re-address them hopefully for the good of all. Time in the Alpha zone improves our health and happiness levels and is step one in the direct and conscious feeding of our soul.”

Theta and Delta brain waves are deeper wave patterns that will be touched upon in a sequel to this article. Taking steps, in first getting familiar with the Alpha field by learning to access it regularly will eventually lead to natural Theta – Delta access.

The first field control tool that we have is our attitude, where we change our mind set by asking: do we wish to absorb or do we wish to radiate? As every living thing radiates energy, when we absorb these energies indiscriminately from the world our inner field key-note changes – sometimes in a way that nurtures us and sometimes in a way that drains us – and it is up to us to choose how we wish to be affected and what we wish to absorb.”

[Quote from page 33]

As far as I understand, and in my honest opinion, moving from the Beta field to Alpha field, and consequently satisfying a fragment of our hunger, is solely up to the attitude we choose to hold at this present moment.

The Hunger of Busy-Beta

When we are in the Beta field we hunger for everything. We hunger for success in the business world, we hunger for acceptance in society, we hunger for appreciation by friends and family. We hunger to fill up this void inside of us that is not physical but rather a hunger of the spirit.

It is a  hunger for Wholeness and Union. The action itself, of placing food inside our body is an unconscious act of attempting to attain union with the material in our possession. It is just like that saying a lover would say to its partner “I love you so much, I just want to eat you up!”.

Have you felt content in your life? That same sensation that all life is simple and the first thing you choose to do is go out on a journey in search of a stream  and marvel at nature and study the living forest of life?

An attitude like that sheds a hefty amount of baggage off your shoulders and back; has you feeling like walking barefoot from now on and forever, as the feeling of earth nourishes your feet.

“A person who meditates every day has far greater sensitivity to and capacity to magnetize the Alpha – Theta – Delta waves than someone who constantly engages in Beta field activities and is never in stillness.” [Quote from page 34]

“A beta field person can increase their capacity to see, hear, feel and be nourished by the gifts of the other zones through a simple change in lifestyle that includes meditation, mind mastery and maybe even yoga.” [Quote from page 34]

I believe enough has been said and described pertaining the Beta field, Alpha field and how to improve your lifestyle by satisfying basic inner hungers. It begins with tuning inwards and asking questions, like: “Who am I? Where am I going in life? What am I? how do I improve my communication with my spirit?” Questions like those help access Alpha field nourishment, though it is when you start accessing Theta – Delta fields that you receive answers and soul satiety.

And finally, a quote worth sharing:

“Perhaps too much intellectual knowledge
may bind the door of our heart.”
[Quote from page 37]

Here is a Alpha wave from YouTube:

>>> to PART 2 – Establishing Nourishment through Altered States of Consciousness


I am a teacher at  Evolved Ministry  Online University for Self Mastery.

Knowledge is worth learning if it can be demonstrated.

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