Joel Jacobson is a Self Mastery Practitionerjoel-reading-camping-with-tal-pacific-crest-trail

Nutrition Investigator, Trauma relief, Bodywork and Massage,
Energy Mastery Practitioner, Astral Projection experienced and coach,
Teacher of the Universal Connection and its application in all aspects of life,
and much more….

“I was born and raised in the hills of the upper Galilee in northern Israel.  I recently moved to Bloomington, Indiana, in order to join my friends, mentor and partners in the online Self Mastery school – Evolved Ministry.

Out of a deep frustration with how the current system of education is built, and how many of my friends and peers offered me 2nd hand, and even 3rd hand knowledge, I took it upon myself to investigate Nutrition on my own. This has led me to discover the immensity of misinformation circulating in public opinions, which has only perpetuated the way of lives of many and the ceaseless suffering they ongoingly experience.

I took it upon myself to Self Master the art of healing through diet, but in recent years I have found that the issue is much deeper than people’s concern with the quality of substance they consume. Discovering the central role of water in all biochemical accomplishments, as well as the extreme impact dehydration exerts on our aqueous physiology, I now offer courses on Water and Physiology as a foundation for improving the body’s capacity to cope with stress, distress and shift it into a state of relaxation from which then the body and mind are able to turn on growth processes.

I received training as a course instructor while in military service, which gave me extensive experience in course formatting and delivery.

The material I teach guides a person in discovering the interconnectivity of karmic law within the field of nutrition, and successive application of tools I provide allows an increase of performance in all aspects of life.”

I am currently a teacher at Evolved Ministry Online University, where I feature my Nutrition Self Mastery courses.

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