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Hey, my name is Joel Jacobson, and I am delighted to finally offer my Nutritional Wisdom on this website.

I have spent the last four years Self Mastering Nutrition, and through the process I have cultivated copious amounts of knowledge and wisdom, which awarded me with the best gift of all – Self Healing, Long Lasting Health and Growth.

As you will see through this Website, I view the subject of Nutrition as all-encompassing, whether it be nourishing your soul, mind or body, the correlation between them is undeniable once all the proper concepts are laid out.

My belief is that Nutrition is the Wisdom Science, held firmly by the fathers of Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. These sciences peer individually at the universal phenomena that our living organisms are made up of, which they can rather describe quite remarkably, but at some point one has to correlate all these observations of natural laws and phenomenon to reach a unified  theory.

I find that many people’s deepest desire is for happiness and ongoing joy in all experiences of their life’s journey. People spend a lot of money and time to alleviate their suffering and perpetuate momentary sensory pleasures. When they reach a point of crisis they are finally open and urged to seek help from others,  in the hopes that they would tell them what to do (and with the promise of relief and a return to “normal” life).

Personally I have went through a crisis myself, which launched me into this private investigations into the fathers of science in order to grasp the many scientific observations documented extensively in our literature, which piece by piece lent a clearer perspective on how our biological nature interacts and responds to substance. This led me to realize how Water is the basis of all life, and “Nothing can be accomplished without the presence of Water”, as well as how our electrical nature intelligently interweaves itself into this water-based physiology to enact psychological experiences.

The nature of substance and how the body responds to it is a good foundation, which I elucidate through my bite-size lessons I provide through my Nutrition Self Mastery courses. A foundation has to be established, whereby the fathers of science are Self Mastered for the betterment of Self-Realization.

The process of knowing thyself on the level I designed to be studied provides the background from which one is then able to comprehend the significance of cleansing. Our spiritual nature has been desensitized by the abuse of substance. This abuse has been imposed on many of us growing up in western civilization, whereby the most addicting substance – sugar – has been numbing our nervous system and brain, essentially reducing our mental and physical faculties.

However, the organism is not only flesh and elements – it is a sentient psychological experience generating identity, figuring its placement in life and perpetuating its existence in accordance to past experience and current preferences. The only thing in the way of evolving our soul is our false perspectives of reality, which limit and define our choices. The traumas we have sustained during our crucial period of maturing our perspective of life, has left us with impressions that govern our every next thought, feeling and move.

Breaking our death habits by strengthening our life urges is a journey that becomes easier as we devote more of our conscious efforts to improve our life condition. To improve our external environment takes self improvement, which is always rooted in knowing thyself inside and out.

Cultivating wisdom within the field of Nutrition is by far the best meal of the day. Every new Self-Realization you gain brings your actions closer and closer to harmony with what your body truly wants. Our choices can be the determining factor between an energy-poor or an energy-rich experience.

If you are on the path of bettering your life condition, I suggest Self Mastering Nutrition and cultivating wisdom to better manage how you carry yourself throughout your day. That way,  your experiences will effortlessly arise from inner joy, and happiness will be a wave you share with everyone.

With love, peace and many blessings,

Joel D. Jacobson
Author of Nutrisdom.net

Self Mastery Practitioner and Instructor
@ Evolved Ministry Online University