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This website is dedicated to you, my brothers and sisters. Several years ago I launched myself into investigating nutrition out of frustration for how the current system operates. Solutions and education wasn’t free and available, so I decided I must discover it for myself and now unleash it for humanity to evolve.

Man had not always been a SAD Man. Man had only reached this state of being by giving up his right to study and know himself. This stage of human evolution has been documented to lead a child, even an adult, to metabolic disorders. If the way of life is prolonged, chronic nerve and/or organ degenerative diseases appear to surface as indication of molecular unrest and chaos.… Discover more


Have you ever gone to bed and tossed and turned for hours? Was it your continuous attempt at quieting the busy mind? There may be a correlation between Insomnia and Dehydration that most people miss, including you, and understanding the many factors that indicate the connection between the two may shed light on it, let alone give you a reason to hydrate before you go to bed.… Discover more

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Author of Nutrisdom.net Joel Jacobson is a Self Mastery Practitioner who acquired wisdom and experience on the nature of reality through Astral Projections, as well as his practice and video documentation of the existence of The Universal Connection and the Side-Effects it produces. He has been self mastering himself in the art of Nutrition for the last 4 years, and now offers cutting edge introductory courses in Comprehending Physiology and Universal Phenomena. Your evolution is his priority.

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As children we rarely understand how to monitor our body. We may suddenly feel weak, not knowing why, and we depend on our parents to correct our actions. We end up inheriting the knowledge and wisdom of our parents, who were nurtured in similar ways by their parents, thus shaping an entire generation upon a range of perspectives.… Discover more

Recently an article of mine had been published to an online Magazine at Awake and Empowered Expo.

De-evolved Man and the path of Self Mastery presents a look into the state of Mankind on earth and in what sense it has de-evolved. Furthermore, the reader is led to self-realize and recognize the significance of Self Mastery as the path to evolution of the soul.… Discover more

Two new courses of mine have been published. This is now an addition to the first course I already have published.

You can find my three courses at

These are an “at your pace” series of bite-size lessons, designed to layout a foundation and then examine phenomena occurring in the molecular and cellular level.

The goal is Self Mastery, which this is exactly why I call two of my first courses “Nutrition Self Mastery”.… Discover more

I am happy to announce that the website has been launched. It is now LIVE!
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Our ability to digest rests upon the functioning of the gut. But what portion of it provides the framework for the many organs involved in digestion to collaborate in this process? How does these collection of organs speak to each other, let alone permit the brain to receive their information? Discover more
Within the molecular world, positive charged molecules can passionately bind to negatively charged molecules. When such an event occurs, in many cases the negatively charged structural component, or assembly-line unit, is electrically "injured", and their role and task is disrupted. Discover more
Read the book review! Weston A. Price, a prominent dentist in the 1930s, had set out to discover and uncover the reason for the growing incidence of tooth decay, dental arch deformities, and generally why the incidence of degenerative diseases increased following the industrial revolution. What he found, defined the basis of nutritional understanding pertaining to the widespread phenomenon of degeneration escalating at the time, and is still a significant literary piece in alternative circles. Discover more
All substances within our body are dissolved in water. Moreover, each substance can exert specific influences on the water, which fundamentally produces a particular condition within the aqueous environment. Can a particular substance lead to the displacement of calcium out of the bone? What does the body require in order to remineralize our bones? Discover more
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