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This website is dedicated to you, my brothers and sisters. Several years ago I launched myself into investigating nutrition out of frustration for how the current system operates. Solutions and education wasn’t free and available, so I decided I must discover it for myself and now unleash it for humanity to evolve.

When one leaves fruit out untouched long enough the fruit usually starts to show signs of age. The wearing out of the fruit is a surfacing sign like a symptom announcing molecular deterioration. The components of the fruit, which are molecules, are losing their capacity to remain structurally firm. The decrease in the fruit’s resilience is due to long exposure to radiation from the environment.… Discover more

Processed food is exactly as the name implies; Food that has underwent a type of Processing. Food processing exists for one purpose - to increase the shelf life of Real Food. Discover what foods are commonly processed and the consequences of their consumption. Discover more
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Author of Nutrisdom.net Joel Jacobson is a self-mastery practitioner who has been cultivating nutritional wisdom for the last six years. In our world of information, where knowledge requires an insightful process to attain self-realization, wisdom is key. Joel wishes to support people in their process of choice-making. He sees how people have bought into the dogma of nutrition wholeheartedly, which leads people astray and into a cycle of dependency and disease, and so he is dedicated towards illuminating the path to liberating oneself. Education is a culmination of knowledge. With the correct knowledge, people gain tools that perpetuate great health, good attitude, and optimal performance. Everyone's evolution is Joel's priority.

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Author Joel D. Jacobson brings you the 2nd installment in his investigatory work into Water and Physiology in the format of a course curriculum. With 25 meticulously produced videos, one learns step by step how to improve their diet through deep comprehension of the role minerals have in water management in the body. Discover more
Could olive oil have properties that makes it unsuitable for cooking? What are these properties? Moreover, which oils are better for our bodies than others? Read this article to get scientific insight! Discover more

Man had not always been a SAD Man. Man had only reached this state of being by giving up his right to study and know himself. This stage of human evolution has been documented to lead a child, even an adult, to metabolic disorders. If the way of life is prolonged, chronic nerve and/or organ degenerative diseases appear to surface as indication of molecular unrest and chaos.… Discover more


Have you ever gone to bed and tossed and turned for hours? Was it your continuous attempt at quieting the busy mind? There may be a correlation between Insomnia and Dehydration that most people miss, including you, and understanding the many factors that indicate the connection between the two may shed light on it, let alone give you a reason to hydrate before you go to bed.… Discover more

As children we rarely understand how to monitor our body. We may suddenly feel weak, not knowing why, and we depend on our parents to correct our actions. We end up inheriting the knowledge and wisdom of our parents, who were nurtured in similar ways by their parents, thus shaping an entire generation upon a range of perspectives.… Discover more


Recently an article of mine had been published to an online Magazine at Awake and Empowered Expo.

De-evolved Man and the path of Self Mastery presents a look into the state of Mankind on earth and in what sense it has de-evolved. Furthermore, the reader is led to self-realize and recognize the significance of Self Mastery as the path to evolution of the soul.… Discover more

Two new courses of mine have been published. This is now an addition to the first course I already have published.

You can find my three courses at

These are an “at your pace” series of bite-size lessons, designed to layout a foundation and then examine phenomena occurring in the molecular and cellular level.

The goal is Self Mastery, which this is exactly why I call two of my first courses “Nutrition Self Mastery”.… Discover more

I am happy to announce that the website has been launched. It is now LIVE!
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